Never Ending Love

Everyone deeply desires to be loved so fully by someone, fully accepted and always embraced.  This is a desire that runs deep in all of us…some just hide it better than others! 🙂 As I was reading I found part of a sentence that really hit my heart.  It’s one of those that just jumps off the page and yells “HERE I AM! LISTEN TO ME!” and you find yourself in awe at how perfectly it describes your feelings. Wanna know what it said…

Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it…

My heart kinda did that slow-down and then accelerate as the truth of these words sunk deep into my heart. And yes, these words were written as an expression between a man and a woman. I can understand them in those terms, very well…however, my heart knew there was something deeper than just the love between a man and a woman. 

First, that kind of love…if you get to feel the truth of those words above, is incredibly wonderful and there is truly nothing that will sway your heart. But beyond that, there is a deeper, most consuming, fulfilling love. The love of a couple, is only a picture of this amazing love.  

In the pages of Scripture there is something known as the love chapter. Now, I suggest…everyone read this…it’s good regardless of your beliefs!! This is what it says: 

Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth. Bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails. (NKJV)

Every time I read that…I feel like I’ll never get even 1/2 the things on that list!! But there is Someone Who hits that list EVERY moment of EVERY day…He (Christ) NEVER slips up, NEVER breaks your heart and NEVER leaves you alone. God is love…and therefore the greatest, most satisfying love is found through a deep relationship with Him. 

Is it easy? Most certainly not! HAHA…the good things in life, rarely are! Just like with a relationship between a man and a women…a relationship must be cultivated, time must be poured into it. Only then can it flourish and grow.

But check out this…God loves us so much, not only does He gift us with His love…but going back to my original sentence…there is a love He gives us that nothing can take away.  As we seek Christ, and serve Him…He sends a man (or woman) into our lives that captures our hearts like none other. This is the person many choose to marry. That relationship must be protected and cherished.  A relationship that is built on love, trust and respect is not easily obtained. It takes work…and a LOT of it!! When the gift of un-ending love is bestowed upon you…by Christ or by a human…embrace it and live life in that light!! 

And I know this would be more “fitting” around February 14th…but ya know what…love, True Love, should be celebrated every day. 

Awesome little side note…National Marriage Week is February 7th-14th…ending with a celebration of love. Encourage married couples around you, work on your heart, your relationships to improve the love found there…strive to be a worthy mate! And beyond the love between a man and a woman…take time as you approach this awesome time of “romance” and “love” to focus in on your relationship with Christ. Are you taking time to spend with Him daily? Does He feel neglected? You are the bride of Christ…He loves you immensely! 


Letting Go

My family often does a devotional time together, and a few months ago we read a story entitled “Jesus Teaches on Giving”. We finished our time together and I didn’t feel like I’d learned anything super spiritual or had been greatly effected by what we’d read but just a few nights later I woke from a dream.

Typically I don’t take my dreams to mean anything more than something that I was thinking about before I fell asleep…but I’d not thought about this story any since we read it and all the sudden…I got the message God was teaching.

I was talking with a dear friend and his wife a while back about surrender and just letting go and landing where I fell. Not wishing for something else, but being grateful for where i was at and striving to continue growIng and being thankful for where I was at.  Not continually wishing for things I cannot have right now. Not saying I won’t someday have them, but right now…God wants me EXACTLY where He’s got me. And I’ll be the first to say…sometimes that’s a hard pill to swallow. 

In the story there’s a paragraph and part of it says: “Then He (Jesus) saw a poor widow approach the treasury. She quietly threw in two mites, which were the smallest amount of any coins.  It was probably all she had left…..but she has cast in all that she had and kept nothing for herself. She has nothing left now to live on and truly depends on God to provide for her.” 

Then the story goes on to say ask how much the widow gave and then if it was enough. Okay…let me tie these together for you. In my dream, I had this “vision” or picture image of talking with someone and they were asking me if I trusted God. Of course, like every “good” Christian I kept saying “yes, of course I do”. Then I was asked “Do you trust Him with everything?” Again, my answer was the correct one. Then the question got more intense…the voice began asking me if I was giving Jesus everything. And with a sudden chill to my heart, the truth slipped out. “No…” and about three things jumped to my mind. 

I would tell anyone I trust God with everything, but yet I hadn’t given Him everything. My words were saying one thing, but my actions (My unwillingness to give Jesus everything) was peaking louder than my words. It made more sense to me when the voice began asking me if what I was giving Jesus was enough. 

Is part of myself good enough for Christ? Does He deserve only part of what I hold dear? Nope…absolutely not! He wants my all. As I woke from my sleep…I knew exactly what I was supposed to do. I laid in my bed that morning and began surrendering and “letting go” of all the people, dreams, hopes and desires I was unwilling to handle over. There was a calmness that flooded my heart. 

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God not only saw my heart (what little I have to give) but He would take care of me now that I was giving up everything. However, I’m going to just be honest…I don’t leave everything surrendered and “let go”. I tend to pick them back up… 😥 that’s a tragedy. 

It’s a daily releasing to God my fears, concerns, frustrations and doubts. It’s not easy and I most certainly do not get it daily!! But when I find myself struggling against giving everything to Christ…I begin talking myself through the knowledge that I must let go, and surrender EVERYTHING to Christ. 🙂 Taking life a day at a time…and letting go. Trusting my Saviour to take care of me, to provide for me and do exactly what needs to be done, exactly when it needs to happen!!